About the Firm

Who We Are

The attorneys in our firm have been litigators throughout their entire legal careers. The core of the firm is comprised of seasoned litigators, who trained at national law firms and all of whom attended top-tier law schools.

What We Do

We are a firm focused solely on litigation matters – helping our clients prevent litigation, preparing clients for litigation and litigating. We offer world class legal services—at least the same quality as any large law firm—but with sharper focus on the client’s needs and goals that comes from staffing throughout an engagement only with the necessary number of properly experienced, highly accomplished attorneys. This business model inspires more direct, clear communication with our clients and significantly reduces the cost and inefficiency of high caliber legal services.

Profile of Our Clients

Businesses and entrepreneurs who need the best big law firm litigation practices in quality, responsiveness and work ethic, but also demand pragmatism and value at every step. We like to think we share the same values as our clients. Ask, and we will supply you with references from our clients who will attest that we live up to everything on these pages.